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National Development Planning Commission hosts Vilac International School

June 13, 2016, 2:09 p.m.

National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) last Friday 10th June, 2016 hosted staff and students of Vilac International School from Achimota.

The purpose of the event was to enable the NDPC throw light on the need for the youth throughout the nation, to be acquainted with the 40-year National Development Plan.

During the briefing, Director General of NDPC, Dr. Nii Moi Thompson, explained in detail the plan and its benefits and the utmost need for school children to understand the tenets of the plan, because they are the future.

Dr. Thompson said, “Since the children are the future and the ones to see to the completion of the plan, there is the need for them to be abreast of the plan, so they carry the mantle of executing the plan to the latter”.

“We want to envision the type of future we want for our kids and ourselves,” Dr. Thompson added.

The 40-year National Development Plan is geared towards developing Ghana into a modern society where discipline and patriotism will be held high.

The NDPC’s plan is to periodically brief some selected schools on the 40-year National Development Plan.

The vision of the plan is to get every Ghanaian involved in developing the nation. This is so because the success and growth of Ghana depends on the citizens.

A staff of the school suggested that, the plan should be added to the syllabus so the students will keep abreast of the vision of the project.

Dr. Thompson answered questions from the students and the staff of Vilac International School.

Source: Ghanaweb