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Mad rush for Nation Builders Corps as many unemployed youth scramble for registration

May 3, 2018, 11:40 a.m.

Amid concerns and debate over the potential of government's flagship Nation Builders Corps programme to address unemployment, there are indications the initiative will receive massive patronage.

Managers of the scheme say they are overwhelmed by the number of people who have already applied just a day after the official launch.

Though figures are not readily available, officials describe applications for all the modules as encouraging.

A coordinator of the program, Dr. Ibrahim Anyars wants unemployed graduates to cease the opportunity to prepare themselves for the job market.

"NABCO is a work and learning program. For a graduate that has completed National Service and had not had the opportunity to work, this scheme grants you something to say that now I can apply for a particular job because the employees want people with some experience. So far the interest is very high," he said.

Interested persons are required to apply online via the Nation Builders Corps website.

Individuals who will be selected will go through an interview process which will determine suitability for employment.

Dr. Anyars further indicates Nation Builders Corps will not halt regular recruitment in government agencies.

He says personnel on the program are also open to apply and be employed in any other government institutions due to the flexible exit option of the scheme.

"The Nation Builders Corp is not stopping recruitment. The natural recruitment process will continue, institutions will seek clearance and go ahead to employ", he added.

The program which was launched in Kumasi on Wednesday May 1, 2018 is expected to recruit a hundred thousand degree and diploma holders for a three-year engagement on a 700 Ghana cedi monthly stipend.