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Development Policy Division

The Development Policy Division is one of three technical divisions of NDPC and works together with the remaining two technical divisions (Monitoring and Evaluation as well as Plan Coordination) to create the synergy needed to support the Commission work of national development planning, coordination of sectoral and district plans, monitoring and evaluation and policy research. Currently, the Division operates through four specialised units responsible for the following: macroeconomic policy and structural reforms; private sector development; public sector reforms; social sector development; and sustainable development. Specifically, functions that relate directly or indirectly to the policy-related responsibilities of NDPC are:

  • Coordination of formulation of long-term and medium-term development plans and policy frameworks.
  • Studies and strategic analyses of economic and social issues of relevance to Ghana. 
  • Proposals for the protection of the natural and built environments with a view to ensuring that development strategies and programme are in conformity with sound environmental principles;
  • Proposals for the even development of the districts of Ghana by the effective and efficient utilisation of available resources.
  • Comprehensive national development planning strategies and ensuring that the strategies, including consequential policies and programmes are, effectively carried out.

Policy documents may be accessed from the Policy Almanac under 'Downloads' on the Homepage.